Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wooden letter crafting

Hello everyone !

I really want to share with you a birthday gift I received from my dear friend Sabrina with Scrappin' With Sabrina. It is a white wooden letter that is so beautifully decorated with papers and embellishments. I loved it so much that I decided to make one for Sabrina for her birthday and one for each of my three nieces. And also a matching birthday card.
 So here it is !!!

This one was for my niece Megan. It matches the colors of her bedroom.


This one is for Taylor and it matches her room colors at Sacramento State College.

And this is the one I made my dear sweet Sabrina.
She loves everything fall. And she is my little Angel
I found about four years ago.
For some reason I can't find the picture of her
matching card. I will post it when I find it.

And last but not least. This is my niece Kandyce's and her matching card, and she loves Tinker Bell.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my creations,
Until next time,
Happy Crafting my friends,

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  1. I love seeing all these beautiful letters and matching cards on your blog! You did such a lovely job on them all!