Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cards made from a picture !!!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you one of my other favorite type of cards I Love to make.
I put a persons picture directly on the card.  Who doesn't like to look at them selves?? And how personal is

I Love how the embossing folders add so much to the cards, and a personal touch by adding a personal picture.  
I have a few more I will have to find and add to this blog.

Happy crafting to you all and I hope you enjoyed my projects.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scrapbook EXPO Oct. 2011 - Sacramento CA...

This day and every EXPO that my girls and I go to has to be some of my favorite days of the year.
Here are some pics. of my girls and my big score of the day. I always take pics. of my stuff so when I go
to the next one I can look at the pics. to see what I bought the last time so I don't duplicate my goodies.
But if I do, I always know some girlies that would happily take it off my hands. A couple other friends met
us there and I didn't think to get pics. with them.

Thanks for the great times my friends.

Marci, Sabrina & Lori

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sizzix orig. dies, people all dressed up

Hello again !!
This is one of my most favorite cards to make. It is an older die but I never run out of things to make with it.
I love using these dies for the younger kids and I even made them for my sons 6th grade teachers this past school year. I have a lot of different dies of outfits, sports, hair styles and faces. I have such a hard time giving them away once I have created my little people.
I hope you enjoy them !!

These are for two twins, they had a baseball birthday party and I used their favorite colors.
They turned 8 so that is why the number on the
shirts is an 8. I am also always very careful to choose the hair color and style that fits them the closest. And details like if they are right or left handed. etc.

Maya and Antonio both  have
June birthdays and usually have
a pool party. She loves pink and
has blonde hair.

This is for my niece Taylor who got a scholarship
to Sacramento State College for softball. She is a pitcher and her number is 14. These are Satco's uniform colors. I starter out with the hair with two pig tails and realized she only wears one now as she is older.

 So in the final project I cut one pig tail off and added a ribbon in her hair.
 Mr. Chan was a high school football coach and I used the school colors and his nick name Chan the man.
 These are the cards I made for my son Steven's 6th grade
teachers last school year for thank you's.

This one was for his language arts teacher.
 Career, he is thinking he may want to be a lawyer, and it is made
to look like my son.

Science, looking like there was an explosion with his
experiment. And look at that great face and embossing folder.
 His PE teacher whom is also the school tennis coach.
 Social studies, the kids had to do a current event
report every week, and traveled around the world
to different places. The shirts are also the school
colors and the lettering is for Windsor Middle School.
 Math, and his teacher wore a Hawaiian button down shirt every Thursday.

Spanish, I love that you can cut off the lower part
of the person if it does not fit in your project and it
looks like it was meant to be that way. I love the
sombrero and the flag and of course the face.
 This is for Antonio when he turned 9. He plays soccer  and
black and red is his favorite colors.
 Maya again for her 6th birthday who loves everything pink
and loves her dancing. I love how the stickles and the pearls
finish and complete the card.
 I needed some boy cards and decided to make some baseball
ones. I left the shirt blank so you can put a number sticker for
the age of the child. And you can again change the hair to
which ever color you want. And I always love the cute little
faces. Sizzix has both face stamps and rub ons. And again
I have many different sports so I can do football, soccer,
basketball. You get the picture !! They also make and I have
a police man, scuba diver, fireman, karate, a pirate, you name
it they make it.  I buy a lot of my Sizzix stuff on
outlet store. There are so many things for $15.00 and most
of the ones I buy are under $5.00 each. Love to shop there.
I just love their faces, looking so happy. And hand cutting out
the grass then adding texture to it with an embossing folder.
I also love the happy birthday punches, I use them on so many
of my cards. When I sell the cards I usually put in a couple of
different sayings so people can have a choice and just replace
the sentiment . The punches are from Stampin Up and they sell
a set of stamps that fit just perfect in the little oval area and I
usually ink around the outside area of the saying, it really helps
pop it out and makes it look even more finished.

 This one my son made for my parents for a thank you for his school money they gave him. He picked
out the pants, shirt and shoe colors to match the
clothes he bought with the money. I thought it was the cutest idea and my parents loved the card.
 I have one nice lady that buys cards from me for just about every
occasion and below I made a card with her granddaughter's picture on it with her favorite colors being pink and purple. Then I decided to make a free standing little girl to match the card. I cut
the person out just short of the die cut at the head to make her be
able to stand and had the card stock folded in half like making a card. I decided to make her in two different outfits one matches the colors and materials of the original card with the picture and the other in her favorite colors. I love the finishing touches of the flowers and the pearls on her, and not to mention her cute little face and the pearls on her shoes.
 These little girls were so much fun, Grandma asked me if I would make one for her also so she could keep one at her house also.
 This is just a side view to see how she stands.
This is the original card I made for her with the picture on it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wooden letter crafting

Hello everyone !

I really want to share with you a birthday gift I received from my dear friend Sabrina with Scrappin' With Sabrina. It is a white wooden letter that is so beautifully decorated with papers and embellishments. I loved it so much that I decided to make one for Sabrina for her birthday and one for each of my three nieces. And also a matching birthday card.
 So here it is !!!

This one was for my niece Megan. It matches the colors of her bedroom.


This one is for Taylor and it matches her room colors at Sacramento State College.

And this is the one I made my dear sweet Sabrina.
She loves everything fall. And she is my little Angel
I found about four years ago.
For some reason I can't find the picture of her
matching card. I will post it when I find it.

And last but not least. This is my niece Kandyce's and her matching card, and she loves Tinker Bell.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my creations,
Until next time,
Happy Crafting my friends,

Halloween Cards # 2

Hello everyone !
I am going to try to attempt to do my second blog by myself today.
I did some more Halloween cards this past week and wanted to share them . I love Halloween and decorating and crafting is a great outlet for showing it
So here I go!!!!!

I am one of the few people I know that has not got into the Cricut machine yet. I love what they do, but I have so much other stuff I need to use and work with. One day I may get one.

I use mostly the Sizzix machine with many dies, embossing folders and some embosslits and stamps.

I have learned most of my crafting techniques from a great girl and now good friend of mine Kristie Bare. She sells Stampin Up and is who I have bought lots of my supplies from. She is such a talented crafter and I am so glad I met her.
Most of these cards I have created with Sizzix items that I just purchased from the Expo this past weekend in Sacramento Ca. I will post some pics. of all my great goodies and the girls I went with. We have way too much fun at these events.
I also have and use some things from Close to my Heart that another girlfriend Khriss Hoffman sells and we met up with her at the Expo.

I hope you enjoyed stopping by my blog and looking at my newest creations.
And also a great big thank you to you people in the great bloger world that visited me through Scrappin with Sabrina's blog.
Thank you !!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Cards

Hello everyone!

This is Marci with Marci Kay's Kreations and this is my very first post. One of my bestie friends Sabrina with Scrappin with Sabrina is helping me with this Blog. I have been following her blog and a few others that I have seen on her blog and we decided to start one of my own. I am not a big writer and am doing this so I can post my Kreations to share with you all. Hope you all enjoy my posts and follow me in my Blog journey.

Today I would Love to share with you some of my Halloween cards I have created.

Thanks for looking,


 Front & Inside