Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, I think I want to share with you my special order Birthday cards, well I decided to post a bunch of my different custom cards. I have had a lot of request to look at my blog for ideas of some of my work. So here I go...

These music ones are thank you's to some of the guys at church that have been teaching our  youth group kids to play some musical instrument's .

The purple and white part is from a friends wedding invitation  and I took it of f and made their wedding card for their wedding. You can't get much more custom than that! 
The kids love their gaming toys. And this our friends 13 birthday. And it looks a  lot like him.
A ladies 80th birthday card whom was born a preme and believes she is a miracle that she lived.

A good friend of ours licence plate is 49er lady.
I love Tim Holtz umbrella man die. I can't wait  to do more cards for the men in our lives. And then custom  to what you want it to say.
This is a scraplift idea from pinterest with my own  twist to it.

I Love to make cards for people with their pictures on it. How we all  Love to see ourselves. This is a going away card for my niece when she was going off to college.

For my Dad whom is a collector of stamps, coins and much much more. How I Love my  Dad so much...

For one of my Great Aunts in Florida.

Most everyone loves their cup of coffee!

You can have the cards say pretty much anything you want.
A set of twins that have a little different hair style. It was their  8th  birthday and they were having a baseball party.
For my Mom whom is a Great Big Snoopy fan. We were both so happy with this card. And she was very surprised. And yes I Love my MOM so very much also.
My niece's birthday card, she loves her Tinkerbell.

I Love my little princess's. You can make their hair and cloths any color you want to look like them.

Wedding cards are always fun. 
If you are not sure, yep the paper is a bunch of  band aids.
And Yes, my Dad is a coke collector also. So this one was for my Day.
This baby card was so much fun. What color card and cloths is  unlimited.
And for your twins or even triplets, I have one for you also. 
Custom with your name on your card!

My Dad is from Penn. and is a die hard Pirates fan.

For our girl Raider fans!
For the elephant lovers!
Little dolls all dressed up.
The other side all dressed up also.
And the side view!
What little girl doesn't Love to see herself on a card made especially for her?
For our Dog Lovers and yes their is one for our Cat Lovers also. I just have to post it also.
And another great idea from Pinterest. And I customized it with my own touches and  the bride and grooms names on it.
And of course I found my Cat Lovers card. You're the cat's meow!!!
For our girl sports fan!
An any sports fan!
And our custom with their name and age birthday card.

And another great idea I scraplifted from Pinterest, with my own changes and touches and of course custom with name and age.
This is a great big lovely tree I mad a thank you card with.
And also an anniversary card with their initials on the tree and the two love birds in the nest.
Never ending ideas!!!
I hope you enjoy my stories and creations and can find some special things you like in my creative creations. 
This is one of my passions I Love spending time with and making people happy with my custom creations by Marci Kay's Kreations.
Happy Crafting,